Arboreal Racks

As cool as that is I can't help but wonder, first: how you would mount UVB fixtures and second:how much UVB would actually penetrate through those ventilation holes.
Seems to my like a really great set-up for insects though.

That's why I'm getting one built, just off that idea. Not the exact same. Cause I NEED lighting in there, no exceptions. I'm making it bigger too, with bigger keepers, and more of them.. we'll see how it goes. My worry is that since it's for hatchlings, are the pinheads going to get loose on me?! So much tinkering...
If your careful about how you dress the enclosures you shouldn't have a problem with pinheads escaping, they can't climb the walls of a Kritter Keeper.
I will be very interested to see your custom version of this.
I do like how tidy it is! :)

I use a small aboreal snake rack for my silkworms, works like a charm. It has 15 bins in it and is heated from the back.... I can keep the whole thing at 85 degrees (or whatever I want, it's got an adjustable thermostat) and the bins slide in and out effortlessly. They provide a very small amount of ventilation, just enough to keep the silkworm chow moist. I got mine in a trade from, and I love it. I think they're $205 shipped.
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