Arborcola are Schefflera


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has any one seen a Veiled eat a umbrella plant or Schefflera? I just switched my set up from ficus to schefflera and noticed my female veiled loves the little sprouts that pop up from the main stem. she zeros in on them a wack eats it like a salad. Just wondering if anyone else has this type of veg. feeding go on?
I have a Schefflera, Hibiscus, and Pothos in their cage, and they tear up the Hibiscus. I haven't noticed any of them eating the Schefflera, or Pothos, but I can hear them taking a big chomp out of the Hibiscus leaves in the next room lol :D
It has been a long time since I have kept a veiled, but I have seen them eat schefflera before. I have always had great success with these plants.


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