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Does appitite vary at all?

When my female was the age of my male (5-6 months) she ate at least 3x the amount of food he does. Is this right? Do females hitting egg making age tend to pig out? Is their appitite possibly hormone based?


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I don't have experience with females, but I've had my male panther since January and yes his appetite varies. Normally when he gets ready to shed his eating slows down, sometimes he stops eating. He also goes on hunger strikes. The last one lasted a few weeks and he would only eat 1 or 2 super worms every few days. I just make sure he's very hydrated when his eating slows down and when he's hungry, he pigs out. He's kept a very steady weight. I've never seen him get skinny or dehydrated, he's very active all the time and when the lights turn off he curls right up and goes to sleep.


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Simon...never really counted how much younger females eat compared to young males...but sexually mature female veileds seem to eat more than males if they are allowed to. What species do you have??

Are they in separate cages?
How old is the female? Does she have place to dig interest cage to let you know when she is ready to lay eggs?
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