Appetite Loss after Antibiotics

My Carpet chameleon unfortunately contracted an infection, and her vet has her on Enrofloxin (Baytril). She's been on it for 5 days. A side effect of this antibiotic is appetite loss, and we're struggling with that right now. She had a healthy appetite, even with the infection, up until I started her no the antibiotic. Luckily, she's still drinking. I have tried force-feeding her by mushing up crickets and worms and mixing it with water and vitamins, but I'm afraid she's aspirating it. I have also tried feeding her scrambled eggs at the recommendation of her vet, but I don't think she recognized it as food. At this point I'm at at a loss. She needs to be on the antibiotic for 3 weeks, but I don't want her to go too long without eating. It's like trying to decide between her infection killing her or her starving to death. Does anyone who has used this antibiotic on one of their chameleons have any suggestions for combatting appetite loss? Or maybe a more effective way to force feed? What have your experiences been?

I'd also like to point out that I own several chameleons, so I am pretty well versed in chameleon care and don't need a lecture. I've never had one of my chameleons on antibiotics before, so I'm just looking for advice from someone who has. I just wanted to see if someone besides my vet has any experience with this. Thanks in advance!


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Yea what Matt said lots of water baytril is hard on the kidneys so yea lots of water... what was the infection?
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