Anyone with convertible Racks?


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So I really want to do the Convertible rack build. I was wondering if anyone has one, or has seen a build log of one. That they can share.

Interested in any tips and or tricks you may know.

What I mean by Convertible Racks, is a DIY cages that can convert. Bills nursery system, and compact caging system ect is cool, but that takes up too much space, as you have a constant of each set. I was thinking a fun project would be a cage rack, that adapts, with removable dividers. It could be a nursery, it could be a compact, or it could be medium wides. All in the same floor space.

I am really liking building this stuff, it's relaxing, so I figured it would be a fun long term project idea to get a jump start on planning.

My thought was a few 4'x18"x6' then having, each one divided permanently into 4x 24"x18"x30" cages, which can be divided again into 8x 11.5"x18"x30" which could be divided again into 16x 5.5"x18"x30".

So it covers every size, from Nursery to Medium Breeder.

And they could be kept Bioactive, with proper planting still dividable, and not much wattage to run the bio year round with or without Chams.
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