Anyone who has a chameleon!!

Curtis James

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I would recommend getting a flow master they are cheap and life savers!! Seriously just buy one!!

Makes your hands cramp less huh ;) great tool for cham keeping. I used mine outside a lot, and for inside warm mists every couple days.
I used one for my pygmy enclosures. It really did make things easier, however the spray is pretty powerful so I just went ahead and got a misting system for them. I would still recommend this 'mister' for larger species though, as it covers the whole enclosure in less then 20 seconds and it's inexpensive, easy to transport and holds a huge reservoir.
I got mine at Walmart for the awesome price of like 9$ and that's including tax!!! So under 10! Steal of a deal!!
I have an aquazamp, but its on a 2x2x4, so it doesn't get much water to the bottom. For this reason, I still use my sprayer to spray the foliage on the bottom and water the plants. If you get the sprayer that has a nozzle like in this pic, it produces a much finer mist.

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