Anyone want one of these?.. I DO!!


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I have been doing a lot of cephalopod research and am definitely enamored. They are really quite difficult and need a species only tank for most of them plus they only live one or two years.

Some people have had a lot of success breeding in captivity at least.

Awesome video as well thanks for sharing!


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No problem :) yea they either make it or they dont lol...they say you can keep them in smaller set ups but I've had luck in large systems...more room for error..i also had the best luck with getting eggs and hatching them instead of getting them already born..they dont acclimate easy...i had mine for bout a year and a half before the group died..i had 4 but they were in a 90gallon mixed reef tank. No predators except for the maroon clown but they were good at avoiding her lol. I want to do a octopus set up but they're just as tricky...afriend of mine had one and we he'd get out at least 2-3 times a week lol super smart and master escape artists
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