Anyone use staghorn fern?


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They are safe and look awesome. :D This place has the biggest plant selection i've seen online. Anyone use staghorn?


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I tried to raise some in different terrariums. Results: They're nothing to climb on for a chameleon, they aren't really capable as plants to drink from and they don't like the climates as well. Always the first plants to die if something didn't fit exactly their needs :eek:. Therefore I don't buy Platycerum sp. anymore.


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i thought about it till i saw one in person.. it looked awesome but my cham wouldnt be able to really climb it b/c of how the leaves are shaped... i already have a corn plant that looks great in the cage and she loves but its her safe place ..i had to run a bunch of wood around it so she could get around and climb it because she can only grip the edges of the leaves.. hey try it out.. what works for one might not work for the other...if its not a good fit.. whats the worst.. you have an awesome fern as a house plant lol


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I've considered them too in the past, but they don't seem that suited for a cham cage...they don't really provide much the cham can use, they are sensitive and fragile when small, grow very large if you can keep one going long enough, and are pretty expensive to risk losing. There are so many easier options around.


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They are only 8 buck's, im thinking of getting one for the back of captain jack sparrows cage. It would be for a 40g jackson's. :D Im going to get coconut fiber backgrounds to put on the sides and back.
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