anyone seen this before


hi all,
I recently left my cages open not realizing that my male (jagger)and my female (Ramona)were able to reach eachother and I come back in the room to find them sleeping together ,he is about 14 months and she is about 5 or6 months ,they seemed comfortable so I left them alone ,then she began climbing over his head down his back and went to sleep on his tail, has anyone ever seen anything like this ?she recently laid 27 eggs she is about 9 months old now


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How old is she? 5-6 or 9? Either way she's younger than the recommended 12 months old for breeding, and it is very possible that he bred her. Be prepared for fertile eggs in the coming weeks. Males (and sometimes females) will usually do just about anything to get to a receptive chameleon of the opposite sex (same species of course) so it's not surprising at all that they would seek eachother out.

You really should be more careful and try to prevent one cage (let alone multiple) from being left open. All sorts of bad things can happen if one gets loose unattended, including unintentional breeding of a female. The more clutches she lays, the shorter her life will likely be as they take a big toll on them.
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