Anyone know what kinda Cham this is?

Hmmm, for some reason it almost looks like a female to me. This is just a guess, but it's most likely a blue-bar Ambilobe. Strange...
I agree on the blue-bar Ambilobe thats what squirt looks like just a little less color he is still young.

How old is he? To me he looks like a cross between an Ankaramy and either a Nosy be or Ambanja. He is showing a lot of pink like the Anks and a lot of blue with yellow around the mouth like the Nosys. The orange makes me think that he might be Ambilobe though. A good site to check out some wild caught coloration is Jim from The Chameleon Company pointed me to this site to I.D. panthers since the ones photographed come directly from the locales. Other good sites for I.D. is or

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I have to agree the pink and blue in that chameleon is a bit strange. Although, some Andapa have some pink to them and all Ankaramy are pink/red/orange-red without any other coloration variations. It does look suspiciously like a hybrid to me.
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