anyone in PA (montgomery county)

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I took my cham to the vet and he had and still has mouth rot.

I looked on the net and found some other vets there were recommened for reptiles. I want to take him to another vet asap.

Has anyone used any of the following?:

Lisa Gote, DVM
Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Service
1615 West Point Pike
Lansdale, PA 19446

Gloria J. Goodman, VMD
Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center
3000 Concord Road
Aston, PA

Dr. Joseph Hyduke
Malvern Veterinary Hospital
545 S Warren Avenue
Malvern, PA 19355

thanks for any info.
Can't tell you anything about the vets...I don't live in that area.

For mouthrot, the normal proceedure is to clean the areas where it is removing the bad tissue and the "pus". There should be a culture done of the material removed to determine the bacteria involved (often Psuedomonas aeruginosa)...and then the chameleon should be put on an antibiotic that will kill that bacteria. Sometimes its necessary to flush the mouth wounds out for a few days too.

Make sure to keep the chameleon well hydrated while its on the meds.

Mouthrot is difficult to get rid of sometimes....and often requires more than one cleaning out episode.

Good luck with it!
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