anybody use zoomed's hygrotherm?

g schrock

New Member
it went reduced to clear at petsmart and picked it up for $30... anybody use it at all? its supposed to run a mister whenever the humidity drops, which would be nice... i haven't opened it at all (i don't even have a mister) and i don't know if it would work with a mist king or not.
I use it. It works with a small electro-sensor connected to a box with two outlets. One for heat and one for humidity. When the humidity reaches a certain RH% (you can set, also has a night setting) it will kill or turn off the power outlet connected to the corresponding device IE Heat Lamp or Fogger. As far as a mist king goes, not to sure how it would work. I use mine with a fog system and I prefer to hand mist :)
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