Anybody know any good vets in the ATL area?


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The only vets I know specialize in household pets and not reptiles. So does anybody know any good vets in the ATL area? I'm willing to drive a bit, I currently live just north of the city but they lady's grandparents live just south. Thanks!
I am a new cham owner and haven't taken mine to him yet, but I plan to use Dr. Brad Wilson at The Veterinary Clinic-West in Marietta. I know that he specializes in reptiles and amphibians, and is a really nice person (used to work with him years ago at a different clinic).

Hope that helps!
There was a vet in Cumming on canton hwy. Glad to know other chameleons are in the ATL. I live in cumming and my 15 year old daughter and I have a five month old panther named Ranger. She is so over the moon about him I don't worry by Myself about his care. I spent all day traveling from cumming, johns creek, duluth, gwinnett pet stores looking for calcium without d3. Lol mommy dedication.
Me too, and I never found any! I guess I have to order online!

Was the vet on Canton Hwy Suwanee Animal Hospital? That is who the Petco where our ferrets came from uses. They take all of there exotics there.
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