Any Transvaals left out there?

I can't remember her name, but the girl in LA still has a male. Someone here might know how to contact her.
I still have 2 pairs, but I just sold one of them to saldarya on here. I will be getting different bloodlines of transvaals, pumilum, thamnobates and DAMARANUM! either late this year or early next. All from a collaboration of different breeders in Belgium and Germany. More very important info to come so stay tuned:D
Just what I need, another excuse to keep sending money Paul's way!! He is like a Cham crack dealer!! ;)
Haha well despite what you may think, I dont do it for the money. I LOVE chameleons and keeping them! especially unusual species that are a bit more challenging. Im like that with my reef tank and dart frogs too:) I also do it to bring in these species that people would probably never get to work with otherwise, including myself:D
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