Any minute now!!!


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Patiently waiting, the fedex truck should be here within the hour and I get to see my new addition from kaleidoscope....Oh yeah new to he site nd love it tons of info here.
Welcome! Cham ararival day is always exciting-UPS just brought me a new addition. Let us know if you have any questions-:)
:D Welcome to the forum. Im sure you will find everything you are looking for on this forum its awesome. I love arrival day there is a welcomed excitment about waiting for your new additon.
hey, welcome to the forums.
while you wait, how about some photos of your setup so we can help if needed?

I got one of my females from the Sawyers'. She's been a healthy cham and I would feel safe referring anyone to them for a chameleon. They may not be as well known as some of the others but they do produce healthy good looking offspring at good prices. Good luck with the panther, and def post pics....;)
Well he is here and doing well.He arrived at 2 today,due to delays from the strong wind we been having here on east coast...He is Beutifull and Even has a little color coming through already.He started drinking and eating cricks as soon as I put them in.I would also recommend kaliedos, Theresa made things real simple and fast...
Sweet the first thing my baby veiled did was drink then the next day he ate I dont think he was used to the feeding cup but he's just sits their waiting if i sleep in lol. =]
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