Any idea on a locale

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Not mine. And I know not fired up lol just curious to any thoughts. I think this guy was the first adult male I have seen up close in person. If or when I get a male a 2x2x4 imo would never be big enough and surely would not be fair given his size.


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Many locales are being reconsidered as separate subspecies, and many breeders are experimenting with crossing locales, which can make positive ID a 🐻. So unless you are intending to breed, IDK if it makes much difference. If you're buying/considering a pet, I think getting a healthy animal is much more important.

Unless you talk to the breeder directly (if they even remember) it could be difficult—a guess at best.
But here's a list with descriptions:

Flick boy

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Yeah well because of brexit in the uk it has become harder and more complicated to get things in general even types of food (seriously) and the guy i bought my female from (which was supposed to be a male) has this male and he was wondering if I would use him as he can't get any panthers without paying silly money and tons of paper work. So I was considering it . My girl was sold as an ambilobe (if she is) then I thought it would be better if the male was too
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