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when I fed my jackson's this morning he ate everything but 1 silkworm which I left to wander around in case he decided to munch on it later in the day. When I got home the silkworm was on the bottom of the cage with a mass of ants picking it apart and carrying it away. Will ants mess with my chameleon?
Ants can be very deadly to chameleons; especially small ones and babies. They will swarm them and sadly to say, eat them. Everyone please be careful with the new season coming up and ants.

Check your yard and see if you have ant infestations. If so, spread some ant killer around the outside of your house & on any ant hills you may see to prevent an ant invasion.

This will keep your chameleons safe and sound :) .
I have had very small ants in the cage until just recently when I switched out the plant they were living in. I never had any issues with them and they actually did a good job at dismembering dead feeders caught in the crevices of the cage. They never pestered the chams as far as I can tell but if one had an open wound then I would suspect the ants would go after it. They are most likely living in one of the plants so you will need to remove the plant to get rid of them – but no guarantees.

Yeah, I had a very unpleasant experience with a baby fischer that I had in my sun room years ago. I went to go water and feed the little guy and he was completely swarmed with black ants and hardly a thing was left of him. It happened very fast too. So it can happen and it's heartbreaking to see. In fact, it was absolutely horrible.:(

I suspect this would be a rare occurrence with large chameleons, except perhaps some biting.
i got a homemade recipe for killin ants, my uncle taught me when i was young ahaha use icning sugar mixed with baking soda and ants cant fart! so BOOM! they blow up ahahah hope it works out for you guys sure did when i was little
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