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Discussion in 'Chameleon Breeding' started by ChromaChameleons, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. ChromaChameleons

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    At what age can a male Panther begin breeding?

    Does the shedding of sperm plugs suggest he would be ready?
  2. Cameochams

    Cameochams New Member

    They can start 7-months to a year. We've found about a year if not more.
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  3. PardalisGirl

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    Panther Breeding.......

    I think it's more important to worry about the females age. Males will show interest at a fairly early age. I would wait with them until you see the regular shedding of substantial DNA material with poops or on branches. They will want to breed earlier than that but I think the fertility rate will be better if you wait. With females, it's extremely important to wait until they are healthy and sturdy enough for the process. It is actually a life and death situation for them. Breeding too soon can mean an early death later on. Just my opinion and "two cents".....
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  4. ChromaChameleons

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    Thanks for the replies...

    I agree with the point regarding females. The youngest Ive ever bred a female was at 11.5 months. She was virtually full grown and pacing her cage at the site of males across the room. It was obvious that she was ready .

    But I now have a 12.5 month old female waiting for a mate. Shes definitely ready , but the oldest males are born last April, making them about 7- 7.5 months old now. They don't appear to be full sized yet, but do appear ready to breed. My goal is to avoid an infertile clutch , but still trying to push things forward another 4 to 6 weeks.

    My female is presently on a small ration feeding schedule of about 3 - 5 2/3 size crix a day with limited supplementation . Hopefully she will hang in another few weeks. I'll start her eating more with more supplementation a few weeks before breeding.

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