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Hey guys. Soooo, my 17 year old is looking to get a male cham. My 18 year old has a female cham. I am not looking to breed and they'll be kept in separate cages and rooms. I just got used to taking care of Maui, our female. I'm still iffy on the egg and laying and lay bin set up, but so far, no clutch. She's about 5 or 6 months we believe.

I know males can be more aggressive. We got Maui as a tiny baby, so we have had the ability to train her and she's pretty laid back, thank goodness. She doesn't mind being handled and is good tempered. What should I look for with a male cham? Are they more difficult to train? We're looking for another baby, hopefully the training will be easy, but I'm not banking on it. Any tip would be awesome. We haven't gotten him yet, I'm just looking for anything I should do differently?


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So they can be worked with but a lot of them change in personality once they start hitting maturity. You can have one that is great with you as a baby hit 9-12 months and be a totally different chameleon.

What species are you thinking of getting?


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One word of's said that the female seeing the male can stimulate reproduction and it's thought that even the vibrations they produce can be a problem...all proof that I know of.

Beman is right...personalities can change as they age.
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