ANGRY Panther help


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I have raised most of my panthers from the egg. But this week I got an adult breeder online. He's Jaw dropping but very agressive. I'm thinking the shipment really stressed him out. So I gave him a couple days to get used of his new life. But he is still mad. He is eating good but he will not eat from hand, he's a hunter. What can I do to help him, I hold and walk around with my other chams. Can anyone help me with some info on whats best to do. I would post pic but it won't let me, it said file is to big. I'll try some other way I'll post later.


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Only thing you can do is give him time. I always found my aggressive males to be the best breeders. They performed on cue so to speak.


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Give him alot of privacy. Allow him to get used to his "new territory".

I wouldn't try hand feeding him again if he is still angry.

Allow him to get comfortable with you being the food provider.

-Hope this helps some

BTW - Where did you get him? How awesome is he man?


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they are all different. some will calm down some will be pissed off forever. it is true that the aggressive ones make the best breeders, they get it done the first time ;)


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He does look awesome!

Like Brad said... This behavior is completely normal for a Chameleon. They are not social or "pack" animals like us humans and a lot of our other pets. They do not enjoy or benefit from contact with other animals, including us, and it can be said that this contact is detremental to them. Just give him space, and maybe eventually he will calm down... But don't be suprised if he seems to hate you forever...that is just how they are.


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Have lots of patience and give him some time. My daughter bought a WC panther and it took months for him to come he's just as friendly as her others. Move very slow when you are around him. Try hand feeding him some nice hornworms or silkworms. Wear light green colors around him. They seem to like green. When you are around to watch him leave his door open and put a tree in front of it and don't let him see you looking and see if he'll climb out on the tree. Don't rush him and he might come around. Jann


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if you can find a way to tame him let me know >.< My veiled is a like godzilla when you try to get him out of his cage, and then when he gets out he starts to warm up :D

your panther looks great! get him a woman and lets see some babies!


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hes not like your other panther that likes to go to swap meets.this one likes to be alone and not be bothered (like a normal chAM would). all chams have different attitudes. you are used to your other cham that is really outgoing. not all chams are like that. this one is more the norm.good luck with him and watch your fingers :cool:
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