Angry chameleon!

I have a question, how to handle angry and aggressive chameleon. He is male. Its veiled Yemen chameleon. Everytime he turns black. Help me please!


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Does he need to be handled? Are you transporting somewhere? Is he puffed up or just black?

Build trust before handling too much.
No he dont need to be handled but i ride about handling and its good to build trust. no iam not transporting. Ye he puffing up and turn black color. How to build trust?


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Some chameleons will never be ok with handling and others can become ok with takes patience. Hand feeding can help...moving slowly around him will help...try taking him out on a stick by
Putting the end of the stick right in front of him and letting him walk onto it on his,own and he may walk up your arm. Don't grasp him/put your hand right around him because it may make him react as though you were a predator. Don't pull him off branches to take him out of the cage...let him walk onto you.
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