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today when i get home i will set up the timer i think 3 times a day sounds about right.but if you have one let me know if that sounds good thanks.every thing was in the box and it all looks great.:) so now i will bring the rain.
It's really dry where I live. I put it on almost every hour for a minute with a couple 2-3 minute sprays in the am and afternoon.
I schedule mine 5 times a day(3x for 5 minutes, 2x for 1 minute), I do this because the ambient humidity this time of year is like 25% as that changes I will be reducing the schedule. Being that you live in Florida Your schedule looks great.
Is there anyway to get it so it doesn't mist at night? I dont think its a big deal but I would like it to just mist during the day. If you set it on a main timer will you have to manually reset it everyday?
Depend on the timer you shouldn't have to set it every day. Mine is digital and gives the option for a.m. And p.m. So night mist should happen unless you set it up that way. Which I don't recommend.:)
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