and her name is ........

Miss Lily

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Buffie! Finally my little girly crestie has a name! Here's a few new pics taken tonight to celebrate! I am totally in love with her eyelashes! What a little beauty! :D




I'm fine thank you! Buffie is my second crestie - she cast her spell on me when I was in the pet shop, lol! I already have a 7 month old male crestie called Splat! The crestie bug has bitten harder and faster than the cham one did!:D
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Tiff you have a terrible memory! You were nuts over Lily. You may love those darling little cresties, but i have trouble believing they got to you worst than chameleons. Remember back to what you went through to get Tommy? i can see loving your new little dolls but be fairly careful. If Tommy or Amy read your post you are in some major trouble. Now tell Buffie hello & i send my love.:)
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