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So I made a post a while ago about how I was thinking of mating my male Ambilobe and my female Nosy Mitsio.

Well, the mating was a total success and they were both immediately receptive. Within maybe 40 minutes it was said and done and about 30 days later... my girl laid a nice, healthy looking clutch of 19.

I have been doing the “closet method” in my bedroom and luckily the ambient temperatures are perfect in here. It ranges from 73-76 throughout the day. I have a thermometer in the area at all times.

The eggs will be one month on April 3rd. I’m really hoping I have a successful incubation. This is my first time and I want to make sure I’m doing everything right.

I live in Canada and for some reason HatchRite was impossible to find or get my hands on so I went with Vermiculite instead.

Anyways they’re doing well so far and look great and I just wanted to share that. Ill attach a picture.


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Glad all went well!

Just to let you know, I've used vermiculite for over 25 years and it works well. There should/may be some beads of water on the insides of the container and underside of the lid...that's normal.
If you do find it drying out a bit though...add a very little bit of water around the edges but never on or near the eggs themselves.

Also, are you aware that she could have retained sperm and may lay another I hope you still have the egg laying bin in her cage.

Good luck!
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