An inch of my Veiled's tail is blackened and crispy


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Today I noticed about an inch of my Veiled's tail is blackened and hard. It looks like he burned it. It feels like a dried leaf and looks a bit like burnt paper close up. Here are some pics of it. He's still active and feeding well, though I have noticed him gaping a little bit, usually around noon time. I have an exoterra 50w basking light about 3-4 inches from the closest perch. It is possible that he could have gotten his tail to touch the screen and the bulb is about two inches from the screen. My questions are.

1. Does it look burned?

2. If it isn't burned, what could it be?

3. What should I do about it?

4. Should i drop from 50w to 25w or 15w for a basking bulb?




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To me it looks like it's a little bit crooked?

- Have he been biting that part of the tail?
- Could be broken
- Does he move that part of the tail?
- Could be that he has been falling and cathed him self with that very point of the tail and it got streched out to much.
I'm sorry but it's probably black cause that part of the tail is dying. If I were you I would go to a vet so they can have a good look at it.

But!! I just asume this cause it looks little crooked!
It could also just be a burn!!


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Oh okay! Then my last advice is that you just leave it be, he will survive for sure and you won't probably notice anything different in his climbing and grasping. I don't got any major experience in this so I can't give you any advice of what to do. Hopfully a member with some experience will see this and might be able to give you some help.

Good luck :)
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