Amount of Dubias for baby cham per day?


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Hello! I have a new baby veiled. I don't know his age but he is 1"-1.5" snout to vent length. I have a dubia colony as well and I was wondering how many of the smallest roach nymphs should he need a day. (Proportionally it's like me eating a cheeseburger). Just as many as he can eat? Is there danger of them eating to much?

Also, the roach nymphs are terrible climbers, any tips for letting them loose in a cage?

Thanks for the wonderful resources on this website!
I would cup feed or hand feed. I didn't have dubais at the time whenI had my veiled. But I was feeding them 15-20 crickets a day until my male reached 6 months old and it went down to 10 a day.
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