Ambilobes, veileds, etc.

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Tay And A

I am selling a couple of chameleons. Just need to down size for a while. First I have mordecai an adult male veiled, bloodline unknown. $115 plus shipping. He is the sire to the babies I have hatching right now! These beautiful babies will be ready to go in a few short weeks. $40 each plus shipping. If you want multiples of the same sexed babies I will give discounts :) we also have an adult male ambilobe blue barred. His sire is Franklin senior from epic chameleons. He's 3 years old and quite a catch. :) $475 plus shipping. also up for grabs is one we call "little Aussie" he's an adult male oustalets. Weighs in at 376 grams! Bloodlines are the wc from Florida species. $115 plus shipping. Any questions please feel free to ask! You can also visit our website listed below :)


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