Ambilobes and veiled adults for sale

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Tay And A

We have decided to downsize and sell a few of our chams. Mordecai is a 3 year old male veiled. Proven breeder as well. Asking $200 Obo for him. We can also ship any chams available. Sissy is a 3 year old female blue barred ambilobe panther. Not to be used as a breeder. She has been bred several times already. Asking $100 Obo for her. We also have Houdini which a a half and half red bar blue barred ambilobe panther. Sissy is his mother. Dini is 10 months old. Asking $350 Obo for him. Shipping is not included in any of the above listed prices. Feel free to make offers and ask questions. All pics of the chams are on our website link is listed below thanks! :)


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