Ambilobe Red/Blue bar Females avialable limited #'s

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Hello, Posting a classified for forum members... I mainly sell at shows but

I have 6 Ambilobe females available,
The blood-line is from (Male) Legend at Kammers and
(Female) Hunter from FLChams

The off-spring from the last two clutches have been amazing. Every Color in the rainbow... Pictures attached

I am willing to part with these girls for 150.00 each plus Shipping. I will cover the shipping materials. I use Ship Your Reptiles and will pay the insurance cost for you to safe-guard the purchase.

We except Visa,MasterCard,American Express, Discover and PayPal...

If you are a breeder and looking for multiple females contact me for pricing.
This is the last of this clutch for awhile and the breeders will soon be retired and well cared for :)

#1 Pic - Male offspring from previous clutch
#2 Pic - Sire
#3 Pic - Females - Sire

Chameleons - by - Design
Brenton Schappell
Office - 4846603117
Cell - 917570371


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Pictures of three of the girls, they all range from 3 months to 3.5.
The clutch took a total of two weeks to hatch.
The are growing fast and their colors are just starting to come in.


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Still have 5 Females and 1 Male left, They are growing fast eating 3/4 crickets, silks, & small dubia.
I was mistaken on the gender of him. Male price is 250.00 & He wont last long. Picture #1 is his older brother.
PM me with email address if you would like any additional pictures.
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