US Ambilobe Panther Chameleons Males $225


Ambilobe Panther Chameleons (Males) from Sire Floki and Dam Khaleesi. Grand sire, Ragnar is Dam's Sire. These babies are hardy and growing fast. They were hatched 7-8-19 and are very large for their age. These Males will make great breeders as they come from very colorful solid lines. Average clutch size from these lines is 32. Both parents are very tame and eat well.

All of our Chameleons are hand raised by a veterinarian so you can be assured you are getting a healthy, vet checked chameleon.

In order to purchase a chameleon from us you must have a cage set up and ready to go before purchase and provide us with pictures of your set up. This is to ensure the long life and safety of the chameleon. We will not ship and will refund money, minus any fees charged if you can not provide us with this information.

We ship Fed Ex hub to FedEx hub only, no Home delivery. Shipping is $65.00 overnight FedEx
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