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I have partnered with Canvas Chameleons to bring you some amazing Ambilobe Panther chameleons! Very limited quantities right now. If you know Panther chameleons then you know that Canvas Chameleons only produces from impeccable bloodlines.

I have juveniles from two clutches available right now. The first clutch is from Marley (first photo) and the other is from Bolt (second photo). Both are amazing yellow body blue/green bar ambilobes. Males are $350 and female $300. The Marley clutch is slightly older (near three months) and is ready to be shipped the begininning of January after the holiday shipping craziness. The Bolt clutch is a few weeks younger and is ready to ship mid January. I charge a flat rate of $50 shipping via Ship Your Reptiles. I guarantee live arrival.

Photos taken today of some of the actual juveniles from these clutches are posted. Further lineage info is available for parties ready to purchase. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!

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