US Ambilobe Panther Chameleons $250 3months


We are offering these amazing Ambilobe Panther Chameleons. Clutch is from Floki/khaleesi. They are 3 months old. $250 plus shipping. They are eating 1/2 inch crickets and showing some amazing colors. Sire is Floki a beautiful Orange bodied blue bar. If you are looking for a quality chameleon either as a pet or for your breeding project these are for you.

Pictures are of actual ones for sale. Last 2 photos are sire and Dam’s sire.

All our chameleons are raised by a veterinarian so rest assured that you are receiving a healthy, quality pet. We have a 100% heath guarantee.

Click the link or email us at

We ship only FedEx hub to hub for pickup only. We do not do home delivery. We package our chameleons for their safety and only ship with weather permitting. We have had 100% survival rate since inception.


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