Amazing blue/purple bar ambanja male-------SCREAMER!!!!!!!!!

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Unfortunately due to a growing ambilobe project I need to sell this guy. He is one of the best banjas I have ever owned. Hie is actually 10 mos old now, his colors are are amazing and will only get better with time. His body can get an electric blue with dark cobalt blue to purple bars with a very colorful face as well. When he fires up he really starts to show off more color. He is CB and comes from a fresh WC blood line.

His health is top notch and he eats like a champ, hand feeds too. He isnt too fond of coming out of his cage but will follow food that you hold and walk right up on your arm. He never bites or snaps his head or anything just loves his cage.

He will be carefully shipped as long as temps permit. Anyone living in the socal area you are more than welcome to come check this gem out in person.

Price is $500.00 shipped FIRM!!!!!


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