aluminum or screen?

Umm, they are one in the same. My cage is aluminum screen. It is a 24"x24"x48" ReptiBreeze. Great cage and a good price.
Reptariums enclosures are amazing- they with stand 350 F and they don't retain heat like metal so you have puy heat emitters and bulbs right on tge screen if you Would like. If your chameleon rubs it will not harm his skin, it's also better on their nails. You can attach a lot of stuff to the mesh because it has give and you can fit decent sized zip ties through it unlike any of the metal mesh where you have to damage the cage to attach things. You can also put a misting system in it without making holes because it has a zipper around the front that allows you to have a tube run out of it. Where as the metal cages would pinch the tubing and make it useless It's much more afordable then mesh. Plus if your screen becomes damaged the replacements are on various websites for a vert low cost. I hate to see people blow so much money on a metal cage that may rust over time and just isn't really worth the money, you can give your chameleon a mansion instead of a condo :)
thank you!!

Thanks to both of you! I have never had a lizard before, so I have been OCDing over this stuff for days so I can begin ordering the correct supplies. :D Video Master, I was actually looking at the ReptiBreeze, that looks like a good one for a good deal!! Oliva, I like the Reptarium too!! What size do you use? Does it make it make it more difficult to see inside? Also, is it more difficult to clean? I notice that all of the screen/aluminum enclosures have a special bottom door for easy cleaning, so I wonder if this makes things more difficult. I would love to hear your thoughts. I like the idea of more room :)
ALL cages can be a bit of a job to clean..
you can buy trays for any cage that fits that one specifically and will catch all of the excrement in the cage. i use the 260 gal but i have a very active 3 1/2 year old veiled who is a pretty big guy so it works for him. i have 4 plants in my cage and enough branches to make up a tree. its seriously like a jungle and he loves it.

i have also noticed between the two different cages that the reptarium holds muchhhh more moisture because the mesh is so fine. as we all know humidity can be a difficult thing to keep up without drowning the guys and plants.
it really just all comes down to brand recognition unfortunately.

i honestly think an even better idea which i may pursue is - build a wooden frame to fit my screen. which you can buy the screen part for 20-35$ ( reptile direct) and wood as well as sealer is fairly inexpensive lowes/ home depot.
If u gonna get that screen for mosquitos it would only last a few months till he gets older cause its easy to rip off. I got this one aluminium screen at lowes for 27 dollars its 25' long and 48'' tall. I used that to make my cage. Ad plus the wood i only wastes 40 dollars.
Oh geez, you guys are beginning to confuse me!! I think I should probably go with a cage that is easy to build. I can figure out how to assemble the reptarium cages, but once you start talking about making a wooden frame, I get lost. I don't know if I can do that :confused:

I like the DIY cage, the Reptibreeze, and the FLchams aluminum screen cage, they look easy to put together and sturdy.

I plan to get to get a 24x24x48, so it's large enough for when it's full grown. I have read the pro's and cons of it.... But the way I see it, is if the Cham is hungry and is well fed he will eat, and why get a new cage that he will just outgrow in a few months anyways?
Yeah It's not a big deal- just make a feeder cup for him and everyday when you fill it up bring him to where its at for a few days and afterwards he will know where it's at. I just made a huge one towards the top so it's really obvious and he had no trouble eating from it
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