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There has recently been a problem with my veiled chameleon’s right eyeball, seems like it is infected. Unfortunately, I cannot go to the vet for this situation. I’ve have read that people are using saline solution, but I am not able to find any. Is there any alternative I can use, like making my own or using this Flucker’s Eye Rinse I have found? Please, help. This problem with the eye has been concerning me badly.


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Hi. If the eye is infected, you really need veterinary care. Flushing the eye won’t clear infection & could have the potential to make it worse.
It might be a Vitamin A deficiency because I just noticed my multivitamin supplement does not contain any Vitamin A. Now I am gutloaded her insects with carrots, sweet potatoes and other vegetables. I will wait for like two days, and if it gets worse, I will take her to the vet, if I can afford it. Thank you for the feedback.


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Those foods are good additions to your gut load but don't provide immediately useful vitamin A you want something that will give you a dose of Vitamin A as Retinol if the eye problem is deficiency related. Look for it on your multi vitamin ingredients.
If there is an infection you will need antibiotics from your vet.

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Two things here really concern me:
  1. Not being able to afford a vet.
  2. Not being able to find saline solution.
I can see the vet cost IF it's temporary and related to the pandemic. If not, I'm sorry, and I know it sounds hard, but it may be time to consider re-homing to someone who can meet the responsibilities of keeping a chameleon. This will most likely not be a one-off situation. I would do it if it were me.

I can't see not being able to find saline solution—it's a standard product carried by most any pharmacy, grocer, discount store, and most bodegas on the planet—not to mention online.
It's also not that difficult to make at home—
Just be sure of the correct concentration for a reptile.


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I’m not really sure that the eye looks infected. Looks more like it may have something (like a keratin plug?) stuck in there. However, you would still need a vet to flush it out. It isn’t something we can do at home.
A good multivitamin for preformed vitamin A is Reptivite. If you get it with D3, you’d use it one feeding every other week and it would provide your D3 as well.
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