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Ok ive researched chameleons for a couple of years now off and on maybe like 4.Ive always wanted one but never went thru with getting one for these reasons never could decide on a species.. like them all..:) , had other animals to tend to, wasnt sure of having the proper knowledge to maintain a healthy animal.I feel now i want to go thru and get one.ive kept crested geckos and leopards in the past and they did well (know their diff evn.) but still the herp side of things.Ive also had two saltwater tanks and i know how much maintence is takes to keep those up so i feel i could handle a chameleon... i think? any help with comparing

what species is the hardiest ?ive read veils,panthers,jacksons but im sure its a lemon thing and just depends on the animal

im planning on getting a juve or sub-adult if so... so i was planning on a 18x22x40 enclosure i wanted to make it big enough the first time.also could i use pine pressure treated wood? would that elimate the mold issue on wood cages from water or would i still have to stain it.

i know chameleons needs a uvb and a basking light but ive also read if a chameleon was in an enclosure it could be placed on a covered enclosed porch without the art. lights because of the natural sunlight but not directly in sunlight is that true?(in florida)

where can i find a ficus or umbrella tree?

i have two dogs which no matter where the chameleon is will not be allowed in the same room.I was wondering if a dog was within a house not in the same room barking( door knock etc..) would they freak the chameleon out and stress it out .. to death?

anyone know if any chameleon vendors or private sellers will be at the orlando repticon?

sorry so long thank you for looking and any help that you may give


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You can stain the wood, as I am not sure if the pine would still mold. The dogs would not be a problem barking because chameleons cannot hear! They might be scared at the sight of them though! I live in florida also. You really would need an artificial UVB light because the sun will only shine in at certain times of the day I am gathtering. you want to expose your cham to the choice of about 12 hours of UVB just like they would recieve in the wild. Ficus and umbrella at Lowes and home depot. I have never been to orlando repticon but I know from peoples past posts that there are chameleons sold there. Not sure if they are any of our site sponsors though, which I would highly recomend you buying from.


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Hello and welcome to the forums. Veileds and panthers make great first chameleons. It's really nice to see you doing your research BEFORE you get your chameleon. Dez will probably be at the show in Orlando and I would highly recommend her and she is a site sponsor. I'm attaching my blog below for new keepers. After you read it ask any other questions you might have.


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i just got a gracful and he seems to be pretty easy hes been well but when i bought him he had already cut is eye a little so we wont open it but ive put some ointment the breeder gave me and it looks alot better and i had done no reseach on him before and hes not too hard


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thank you all for the answers and help.Sorry about the hearing the barking thing mean just in general like animal sense if that is a problem that they pick up other animals temp. and could get stressed out.if that makes any sense?awesome ok well then i stick the the artifical lighting i was just curious.. thank you
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