All of My Pets June 22, 2020


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My husband did a long photo shoot a couple weeks ago and I want to share photos of my pets.

Up first is Dulce. She has been hanging in my kitchen for 10 and a half years. Dulce is a sweet girl and very special to me since she's been with me longer that anyone else.

pets062220 967.JPG

Next is my handsome little love Hammy. Hammy is 2 and a half years old and from a long line of my beautiful veiled chameleons.

pets062220 181.JPG

Lola is up next and she is Hammy's sister. Lola is also 2 and a half years old and my sweet precious girl.

pets062220 617.JPG

This is my sweet girl Ivy. Ivy is Hammy's girlfriend but I don't plan to mate them again. Ivy is just shy of 2 years old.

pets062220 830.JPG

Up next is my sweet boy Hank. Hank is 16 months old and extremely friendly.

pets062220 594.JPG

This is little Emma. Emma is 1 year old and suppose to be a girlfriend for Hank. I'm having second thought about mating them with the virus making shipping so bad. Shipping could very well still be horrible next summer and we really can't continue to make baby delivery trips.

pets062220 769.JPG

This is my sweet little Diget, the Hammy and Ivy baby that I get to keep. Diget is 3 and a half months old.

pets062220 112.JPG

This is my sweet buddy Piper. He is an absolutely wonderful pet. Piper is such a good boy. My husband and I treasure him. Piper will be 4 years old in October and we have had him since he was a wee baby.

pets062220 1054.JPG

pets062220 1068.JPG

Teddy is such a sweet boy and we have had him since he was 2 months old and not much bigger around than a quarter. He was 7 years old last month. We love our sweet Teddy!

pets062220 1130.JPG


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Up next is Bart. Bart is an excellent boy and I would highly recommend a box turtle to anyone looking for a pet turtle. Bart has been with us for 6 years and he's around 50 years old.

pets062220 1085.JPG

This is Monty. He's about one and a half years old and we won him at the Daytona reptile show last year. He's an excellent pet!

pets12292019 1058.JPG

Last but not least is our boy Wally. Wally has been with us almost a year and was a Craigslist animal. He's a really sweet boy and a little shy of two years old.

pets12292019 993.JPG
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Beautiful healthy family you have. I have to say, Bart has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen on a turtle. Thanks for sharing all of the pics. 💗


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WOW!!! What an incredible crew you have there. Hank and Emma are both just stunning.
Thank you for the nice comments!

That is one expensive food bill every month!
It was really expensive with all these guys and the 28 babies! 😱

And every photo is stunning! You have quite the incredible crew over there! They are all fantastic!
Thank you Becca!

Alot of taking care of reptiles in your home, they all look very healthy & happy
Thank you! I love them all so much!

hmmm ten years with a knightanole in your kitchen.....
Yep, her condo has always been in the kitchen.

Beautiful healthy family you have. I have to say, Bart has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen on a turtle. Thanks for sharing all of the pics. 💗
Thank you Vikki! Bart is very sweet! I love them all.

Thank you Lulu!

Wow, they're all so stunning!! You have a beautiful family of critters!!
Thank you for the nice compliment!

Piper looks fantastic. He's so grown up. I remember when you took him in.
Of course they all look wonderful.
Thank you Jillian! We love him so much!


I forgot my newest addition. This is Largo. He/she is about 4 months old. If a mod would move him up to post #2 that would be awesome.

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I can’t believe I left little Largo out!

Always good to see the gang Jann!
They're looking awesome!
Thank you for your kind words Lynda! 💕
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