Agnes is always... hanging.


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First off sorry if I put this in the wrong section lol!:D
Now, lately I have found that once agnes has had her new cage, she cant reach the top of it from the top branch. I didn't see this to be a problem until yesterday morning. When I woke up I found my cham to be hanging from the top of it!:eek: Since she couldn't reach the bottom she was just hanging there! I took her down, but then later in the day, she did it again!!! I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem and knows how to stop her from doing it. My biggest fear is she will get stuck up there while I am not at home to help her get down. (I will put pics on here of her doing it next time she does)


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If she got herself up, she can get herself down.

Trust me, its normal for chams to hand upside down.

My 3 month old female panther Alina does it all the time.

As they grow and get bigger, they stop doing it.


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Just make sure your heat lamp is up off the cage (a few inches). If your cham sits up under it for too long, she can burn herself.
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