Aggresive Chameleon?


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My chameleon, Milo is very angry at me. When I try to pick him up he hisses and tries to hit his head on my hand. I've tried everything for him, hand feeding, cup feeding, going from under or from the side and even just plain leaving him to atleat try and climb onto my hand. I think hes just aggressive to me, my sister could easily pick him up without him being violent or anything but when I do it he instantly hisses and tries to bite, any help on that? I'd be nice to hold him atleast once and get to know him.


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Unfortunately, he is telling you that at this point he is not interested in getting to know you. Just appreciate him from afar. Let him see you without trying to touch him so he doesn't associate you with the threat of being touched against his will. This is a typical chameleon personality - it may get better, it may not. Just be sure not to force it or the possibility of trust building up will vanish with the wind


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Chameleons will react differently to different people sometimes. I was in the store where I usually bought chameleons one time and the employee wouldn't let me hold the chameleon I was interested in. He said it was very aggressive. I said well I don't buy something I'm not allowed to handle and inspect. Just then the owner of the store walked in and over to me the cage and the chameleon went berserk! The owner went to another area of the store and I picked you the was as calm as could be...until he came near it and it again went berserk! I bought it!

That being said...are you moving quickly towards him and moving your hands around quickly when you're trying to pick him up? What colors do you wear and what patterns are on your clothes? Do you have glasses and your sister doesn't?

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This is funny, because I used to have a Veiled chameleon named Milo (RIP). And he was an angry guy from the time he was a baby until he passed away. Always hissing, biting at me. My Panther, Lewis, is as sweet as can be, though.
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