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I think I’ve figured out that Pascal is a she. Nothing on her back legs. I can’t find in any of the forums how to tell how old a Cham is. Is it just experience or is there a magic formula? Anyways, I attached a pic of her climbing on my daughters face. Thanks for all yalls help!


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Judging age can be difficult based off photos. Unless you know the exact hatch date or even hatch month, we can only guesstimate. Chameleons will grow at different rates depending on different variables such as environment, nutrition, genetics, ect...

If I had to guess, Id comfortable say between 4-6 months old based on size. Leaning towards the 5 month mark though. If you haven't already, I would start reading up on laying bins since she might need one in the next few months.


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Ok. Yes! I started reading about them last night and will get that set up. Past forums really help a lot so I don’t have to keep asking the same questions and y’all don’t get tired of answering the same questions!
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