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Here is my female Veiled Cham... hoping everyone can give me there age guesses:
I have three photos one when she was littlest was taken 1/21/13 (last photo), than there is one of her on my hand and she is a light green that was taken 4/17/13 (first photo) the second photo was taken 5/17/13... she really hates to have her picture taken, she is so pretty I go to take a picture and she gets all dark :(


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In her earliest picture she looks around 3/4 months I reckon, so if that was taken in January I would guess 7/8 months.
Well it depends on how big you are. I cant tell if your hand is small or big, haha. Anyways I would guess less than 8 and maybe around 6 months.
Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. My guess would be around six months old. Do you nave a laying bin for her? Females can and often do lay eggs without a male even being around and I highly recommend keeping a laying bin in the enclosure at all times after they reach 5 months old. I'm attaching my egg laying blog below and a video by Dez on how to set up a laying bin.
Yes laying bin is in place...although I am following advice about lower the amount of food and keeping her temp lower so hopefully she will not lay anytime soon.... she is almost 5 inches nose to vent.
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