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we recently aquired a male vield about 4 months old. he was very badly neglected in his past care he was in a tank so jammed pact with stuff he could hardly move. also his lights were totally screwed up they were blocted by a plastic cover and his basking bulb was also blocked so basicley no uvb or basking we have had him for 3 days now with him not eating any thing.
he pooped this morning and it was nothing but water. he is drinking but will not eat. here are a couple of pics of far as i know its been about 8 days now. IMG_0904.jpg
he had a problem with his eye but thanks to your advise it is fine now. there are 2 more pics under eye problem.
any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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how have you been feeding him? try using a feeding cup they work really well the milk jug method works best and use small crickets. but it right up close to were he seems to like to sit. see if that helps


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Poor little guy. Is he able to open his eyes? I would get some Fluker's Repta Boost and give him some of that everyday for 3 or 4 days......just to boost him up. Put a couple drops of the liquid calcium in the Repta Boost. I'm not able to see the picture very well but from the way he was kept, I wouldn't be surprised if he has MBD. Wish you the best of luck with him and hoping for a full recovery.


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ive been trying to feed him waxworms,2 wk crickets and king worms.
i have been using the dishes i used for my babies which i have hanging from his branches. he shows no interest at all. i have also tryed letting the crickets loose in the cage to no avail .


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My guy still won't eat on his own as well :(

Most successful things we've been able to do so far is:

1. Syringe feed with Carnivore Care mix that we got when we brought him to the vet.

2. Use feeding tongs to grab a worm dusted with supplement and place in his mouth when he hisses at us.

The latter is becoming easier and easier since he fully hates us now from all the handling over the last few weeks. Oh well, at least he's eating live but STILL wont eat on his own.

Hope this helps!
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