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Today, I finally got the stockpile bills to get a sum of 350, this girl at a pet store is a breeder who breeds beautiful veils, I am not sure about his exact age but seems to be around 2-6 months old. He is 120 dollars but she is giving me him for 100, and Im getting a nice huge cage for 250 and getting plants, water bottle spray, vitamins, and the spiral lamp she told me to get, Ive been with lizards before but never a beautiful Chameleon, Im picking him up in an hour and will like advice on which I should do for him to have a long life. Im only 16 and I am waiting for college to major in classes towards the chances of becoming a reptile/feline veterinarian.

Picture time!!

So all I really need is advice please, much love,
100 is Ok price for that size veiled and he does look ok based on the pic. I would def ask her the following things:
1. What does she feed/feeders she uses
2. does she gutload her feeders
3. What are her supplements she uses/schedule of use
4. What do the sire and dame look like.

250.00 better be for the cage, chameleon and all the cage furniture (limbs and vines). You can pick up a nice screen cage from LLL 4ft X 2ft for 100.00 delivered. So if she wants to much for the cage go elsewhere. I would also switch to a fluorescent tube bulb. (most use reptisun 5.0 bulbs) Spiral bulbs have a potential for causing eye isssues in chams.
Okay, so what I should do is ask her the questions, ( the cage is big, and are included with some materials ) buy the cage, get a different light then which she recommended and live happily ever after?
I'd find out if she knows her stuff/husbandry. If she does she should be able to tell you what supplements she uses and what feeders she uses. She should be able to give you her supplementation schedule and tell you what/how she feeds her insects. These things are paramount to a healthy cham/offspring. I'd switch out to a standard fluorescent bulb/reptisun 5.0 just to be safe. There are still some of the old crappy spiral bulbs floating around out there. You will also need a basking dome fixture and a normal household light bulb for heat. I use 100 watt during winter and switch to 60 watt during spring and summer months. Just make sure the basking spot is about 85-88 degs. You will need a digital thermometer/hygrometer with an external temp probe so you can check your temps and humidity in the cage. Position the temp probe on the basking spot so you can make sure your temps are spot on.
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