Advice for outside


Morning, I want to try and get my little guy outside today for some natural light. I was thinking of just taking his cage outside. The question I have it the max temp today is going to be around 17 there is no wind and it is sunny should I still provide him with some heat like from a ceramic bulb or will he be ok without it? Also how long is ok for him to be outside? This will be my 1st time taking him out. Thank you for reading.
I don't really know for certain but I would generally think standard temperature gradients still apply even outside. 17 seems too cool to me but after measuring you may find it is 25 in the cage with direct sunlight.

I would monitor the temps and use a regular basking bulb if there is no place in the cage warm enough. Either way monitor the temps and keep it within a normal range. That is the safest approach in my opinion.
Thank you for your advice. I have been thinking and I might leave it today and wait until our weather warms up a bit and hope we get a summer lol. Its a bit hit and miss in the uk.
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