Adult Male Panther Cham (Ambilobe/Abanja) FOR SALE

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I am selling my beloved panther chameleon Bill Murray because I can no longer care for him as needed, and I am planning a move soon. I am trying to find someone who can offer him a good home with a healthy environment for a cham.

I purchased him as a baby and he is currently a little over 2 years old. He is currently in great health and has had regular vet visits. He is more active than I expected, climbs a lot and shows typical healthy behaviors. I can give more details on his medical history to serious inquiries. I can also share details on my cricket gutloading method, and other methods of care.

I am selling him along with my current set up. The cage needs to be replaced but it will work/has worked. I don't have a proper misting system. My water drainage system is home made, but has served me well.

Items Include:
- Adult Male Panther Chameleon
- 24lx24wx48h inch screen cage
- UVB light fixture & bulb (zoo med reptisun 5.0 UVB)
- halogen heat light fixture & bulb (exo terra 75 watt)
- spare infrared heat light
- light timer
- water drainage tray with valve
- water dripper
- misting bottle
- 2 cricket cages
- cleaning supplies
- travel cage (used for vet visits)
- fake foliage/branches
- living pothos plant for inside the cage

I am asking $300 for all of these items. Considering my chameleon cost that much alone, this is a bargain! I am located in the Cleveland, OH area. Please contact if seriously interested.


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