Acadia figures and bulbs...

The bulbs are quite an improvement, but I don't know if the fixtures are much better than the zoomed ones.
I don’t have any pics handy but there are some side by side comparisons around this site of the bulbs. The fixture doesn’t matter as much and some of the ones made for aquariums are reasonable and reliable. Just take out the plastic water shield they come with and you are good to go. You can also get dual bulb fixtures and run a plant light in the second part if you need a lot of plants for humidity.
I just switched to Arcadia recently and it's leaps and bounds above the reptisuns in terms of quality! My panther chameleon seems to have more energy and show more striking colors with the change
I wish I switched to arcadia bulbs sooner. The T5HO dual fixture is great. Low profile and light weight with a good reflector. Bulbs were a tad tricky to remove at first but once you figure it out its easy.

Having that second slot for a 6500k plant bulb is great. My plants are growing quite well and it help brighten up the enclosure.
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