A Thought About Safe Plants and Oils


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So I was just thinking while looking at a safe plant list for chameleons . . .

I have an oil diffuser which I don't use very much due to my fear of it being unsafe for chameleons, but I just thought, are plants that are safe for chameleons okay to be diffused? For example, on the safe chameleon plan list, I noticed that lavender was safe, so perhaps lavender is one of the oils that is not harmful to be diffused? I just wanted some other opinions and I don't want to risk the health of my lil cham.

Obviously when diffusing anything near an animal it is highly diluted and very far away, so I'm not sure diffusing the oil would reach my cham. I read on some websites that a few oils are healthy for reptiles, but at the same time others say they are not.

Again, just a thought. I don't do anything that would put my chameleon at risk.


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I think the cautious answer is, "Better safe than sorry!" The safety of these plants refers to ingestion and topical effects, whereas in the situation of oil diffusion, the mode of entry to the chameleon's body is inhalation. So, what's safe to eat and touch is not necessarily safe to inhale into the lungs
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