a solid wall in the screen


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Hello all, was wondering if anyone had any ideas for putting in a back or side walls into a screen enclosure for privacy. Im not wondering if i should or could im wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what to use for the walls?! I have done this with my Water Dragon enclosure with a PVC sheet as a back wall and i simply hot glue gunned it in from the outside. But the PVC sheets were pretty heavy, any ideas of what i could use...has to be water resistant/proof! HELP!!:(
I use blue tarps. Just cut to fit, and run the screws that hold the screen cage together through the tarp to hold in place. Or you could hot glue.


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I've used PVC shower liner plastic, painter's plastic, shower curtain, etc. Just cut and attach, like Steve said. It depends how nice you want/like it to look or if you just need function.
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