A little question regarding Stick Insects


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I've recently been experimenting with introducing Indian Stick insects into my Panther Chameleon's diet and he definitely seems to enjoy them :D


The original ones i've been feeding Nosy have been fed on bramble however a new batch i've just ordered on ebay have come with Ivy. From what I've seen on forums the information is a little blurry regarding Ivy and there have been a few posts saying ivy-fed stick insects can be toxic to chameleons? I'm going to put them on the little bramble plant with the rest of the stick insects and wait for maybe a few weeks for the ivy to pass through them before offering them to Nosy, but wanted to double check if these little guys will still be safe for my chameleon to eat?

Many thanks in advance

nick barta

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Indian Sticks can be raised on bramble, raspberry, oak, and ivy without any toxicity passed on to your chameleons.




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Perfect, thanks Nick, I fired you an email not too long ago regarding some care sheets :) Would it be possible to get a few copies form you?


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