A little hatchling...


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I woke up this morning to a fully emerged r. brev roaming the egg container. He or she seems to be doing very well, and is quite active.


Adorable! The first pic reminded me of a T-Rex (I just watched Jurassic Park for the billionth time yesterday). The second pic looked like a "come hither" look, LOL.
Congratulations Heika. I'll soon be sharing your excitement with some little booger faces of my own.

I love the little teeth in the grin you caught there.
Congrats Heika! :D

Great photos... they really show some personality. Your finger on the side of the pics is a good reminder of how small this little cham is.
Thanks, everyone! :D

Yes, they are unimaginably tiny. That little guy is on a toothpick, if that gives it perspective. I set up a 10 gallon a few days ago in preperation for their arrival, and realized once I saw this little fellow that was simply too big. The two that have hatched so far are in a tall glad container with a pothos cutting and some brown paper down on the floor to absorb the misting.

I have fruit flies and pinhead crickets on order, but they won't be here for another day or two. I didn't transfer the fruit flies that I had over to new cultures, and now find myself NEEDY. There are some cricket eggs incubating, but they won't hatch for several days still. So.. springtails, and maybe some wild caught gnats is what chow is for the next couple days.
Wow! That is tiny! :eek: I have some that could hatch out in the next couple of weeks if everything went correctly. I didn't realize that they were that tiny, I will have to prepare for it. Good luck with the little guy!
lol, Jerm.. I feel like I am floundering through this. I know that future hatchings will go much easier now that I have at least an idea of what to expect though! These first three have hatched on the 74th day of incubation. There are a few more sweating, and some are just sitting there. It will be interesting to see how many hatch, but the eggs were layed over a two week period. So.. maybe a few a day?

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